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Welcome to C&C Financial Services

We’re Here To Help You With All Of Your Financial Needs!

Since 1993, C&C Electronic Tax & Financial Services, have helped many clients regain their financial stability through tax preparation, one-on-one counseling, workshops in classroom settings, online learning portal for children, teen, & adults alike. We also offer many other financial resources.

We have been a key instrument in building many lives of individuals as well as businesses to grow in the knowledge of finance.

We have even extended our teaching abilities and branched out to service local Colleges in their Financial Curriculum’s by teaching The ABC’s of Money Course, sponsored by the FDIC.

We have helped many new Tax Accountants form and operate successful tax businesses by offering an extensive course with fraud detection services to help prevent tax fraud. Check Out Our Classes Here.

If you are looking to grow in this field, learn what it takes to run your own tax business, help your child or teen know that “money matter’s”, learn how to budget your wallet, or just in need of an Accountant, you have come to right place.

Our team of dedicated legal professionals are well-versed in many specialized areas. Our main focus is working with and for the consumers. We specialize in helping major lending institutions in turning their denied prospects, into approved clients.

We provide an initial Business Consultation Session. During this session, we review your current business structure and discuss registration needs if any. If you have never been incorporated we discuss the Seven (7) different ways to be incorporated.

Financial Education
Knowing facts about money is not the same as understanding how money works. If you want to build wealth and achieve financial freedom, it is important to know how money works, so that you can put it to work for you.

Fraud Detection
With over 20 years of experience in accounting, we know all too well the need for strict compliance measures. We'll teach you how to Protect Your Business, Your Personal Consumer Data, and help you comply with the New IRS Requirements.

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