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Fraud Detection Classes

Classes For Financial Industry & Law Enforcement

(Especially For Tax Accountants, CPA, CAA’s, ERO’s, & RTRP’s)

In a world where Identity Theft is on the rise, those in the Financial Industry, Law Enforcement, along with Certified Designated Income Tax Preparers like Tax Accountants, CPA’s, ERO’s, RTRP’s, & CAA’s (Certifying Acceptance Agents) have to use the utmost measures to ensure the integrity of our business.

With over 20 years of experience in the Accounting Business, we know all too well the need for strict compliance measures. For this reason we teach you how to Protect Your Business, Your Personal Data as a Consumer, and help you comply with the New IRS Requirements for Financial Professionals by holding Fraud Detection Classes.

Classes For Business Owners

As a Business Owner, you are faced with fraud potential everyday you are in business. From receiving fraud checks, to dealing with forged documents you have to be careful and well-trained to help prevent and protect your business.


Class Topics Covered:
  • Forgery Detection
  • Cyber Theft Fraud Awareness
  • Occupational Fraud & Abuse
  • E-Commerce & Credit Card Fraud Prevention
  • Network Document Protection
  • Fraud Awareness Overview
  • Implementing A Fraud Risk Management System
  • Fraud Training For Employees
  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) Awareness
  • Fraud Risk Assessment Tools
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Classes For Consumer Identity Theft

In a world where we are forced to live a “cyber-life” we are threatened everyday with the possibility of ID Theft. We have to send our personal information over the Cyber Airwaves 90% of the time. Whether it is by ordering merchandise, chatting on social media, or using our debit cards to purchase at the local market.

We can all agree our personal information can be manipulated easier than ever. At C&C Electronic Tax & Financial Services, we strive to help you financially and allow you to learn ways to protect your money and your identity by hosting Fraud Workshops.

This is a One-Day workshop that will be filled with fun, food, and a great learning experience that will leave you feeling very happy that you came to learn how to protect the wealth that we promise to build.
  • Lost or Stolen Credit, ATM, & Debit Card Procedures
  • Consumer Identity Theft Act
  • Tax-Related ID Theft
  • Medical Identity Protection
  • Credit Reports Reviewed From Experian, Equifax, & Trans Union
  • Police Reporting Procedures
  • Repairing Credit After ID Theft
  • Sample Letters & Form For Identity Protection
  • Bank Consumer Credit Reports Reviewed
  • Child ID Theft Awareness
  • Routine Identity Protection Awareness
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