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Forensic Document Training

Classes For ITIN/Certified Acceptance Agents

Forensic Document Training Requirements

Notice Dated Feb. 13, 2013

Forensic Document Training deadline is fast approaching. All Certified Acceptance Agents must complete online course by  December 31, 2013.

We are an Authorized Reseller of their Forensic Document Training Courses with the AAMVA (American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators). We offer 3 Levels of learning modules from their courses to choose from. These course will fulfill your requirement for the IRS and give you a Certificate of Completion to submit for their approval.

Our simple, easy course only takes 5-7 hours. Each Forensic Document Training module ranges from 30-45 minutes each, including a knowledge test at the end of each course. The course is available via secure, password-protected Internet portal, and can be completed at the your own pace.

Upon completion of each Forensic Document Training course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion via email.

With Level A, B, & C you will receive two (2)  Certificate of Completions with Raised Embossed Seals via mail. One to keep and one to be forwarded to the Internal Revenue Service.

Please Note: All Three (3) Levels Are Needed To meet requirements needed from the IRS! You can take all three Levels for Only $190.00! 


Level A
Basic Forensic Document Analyst

Certification Includes:
  • Fraud Awareness Overview
  • Security Features
  • Birth Certificate Fraud Detection
  • Social Security Fraud Detection
  • U.S. Driver’s License & State ID Fraud
  • Human Behavior & Fraud Detection
  • Counterfeit Document Detection
  • Passport & Travel Fraud Documentation
Level B
Intermediate Forensic Document Analyst

Certification Includes all Classes in Level A, plus the following:
  • Immigration Fraud Detection
  • Military Identification Fraud Detection
  • Vehicle Title Registration Fraud Detection
  • Validation Process For Mexican Identity Documents
Level C
Advance Forensic Document Analyst


Certification Includes all Classes in Level A & B, plus the following:
  • Canadian Travel, Citizenship Immigration Documents
  • Canadian Birth Driver & Vehicle Documents
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