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Financial Classes

It’s true that most of us know many facts about money. We know how to count money, and we can see the differences between income and expenses, and we may even have vague ideas about investing.

However, knowing facts about money is not the same as understanding how money works. If you want to build wealth and achieve financial freedom, it is important to know how money works, so that you can put it to work for you.

At C&C Electronic Tax & Financial Services we have taught financial management classes since 1999. We have partnered with banks such as St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank, and the FDIC program to provide financial courses to children, adults, and teens alike.

We have been able to assist many people in showing them how to make their money work for them by offering fun, interactive classes.

Although most of our classes are taught by our instructors as in-person, hands-on courses, since 2010 we began offering classes online through the Portal of St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank. For current syllabus, call our office and we will be more than happy to inform you of the classes currently offered.  

All of our online classes are operated on a system that is SCORM compliant and with E-commerce security for fast easy payment options. To use our portal, you must first sign-up with the Eleap LMS learning platform. To Sign Up Click Here!

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