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Drive A Car Today Program

Do You Need Money For A Down Payment On A New Car?

It’s A Fact That….
Most Consumers Use Their Tax Refunds To Make
Vehicle Purchases More Than Any Other Time Of The Year!

Let Us Help You…
  • Instant Cash For Down Payments: Since January 2003, we have helped many taxpayers obtain down payments for new cars through local dealerships!
  • Rapid Deposits: Your Refund Can Be In Your Account In As Little As 8 hours!
  • Pay Off & Upgrade: Use Your Tax Refund to pay off an existing loan and upgrade to a newer car.
  • Taxes Prepared In 30 Minutes or Less!: Go to your local participating dealership, they will prepare your estimate within minutes. After giving you this wonderful news, you can shop for your car! We will then prepare your taxes and fax them back to dealership within 30 minutes. Your money can be deposited into your bank account or the dealership’s account within 8 hours!
  • Dealerships Worldwide: We have dealership across the United States to help place you in your new car. You can even purchase your car online!
Call Us Today To Locate A Participating Dealership Near You!

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