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Computer Course Requirements

Feel Free To Print These Instructions,
To Ensure A Better Class Experience!

  1. For Customer/Billing Support, please call us at (813) 489-0945.
  2. You will need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed. Please be aware that Mac/iPad and many Android platforms DO NOT inherently allow Flash to work you may have to work around this if possible. This course is Windows-compatible only.
  3. Firefox and Google Chrome as alternate browsers work much better than Internet Explorer in handling Flash content. If you your Internet Explorer you will need to enable cookies, ActiveX controls, Flash, and JavaScript.
  4. If taking this course using a work machine/network, please check with their IT Department to make sure that PC settings AND network security policies will allow operation of cookies, ActiveX, Flash, and JavaScript.
  5. Please turn off all Anti-virus software and pop-up blockers during course session.
  6. The courseware contains downloadable/printable job aids, but the course itself cannot be printed.

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